phonecam- thomas and friends
wow. i’m so glad i didn’t pay to take the kids to see Thomas and Friends Live. the show was pretty lame. i guess since the target audience is limited to 3 to 5 year olds, it gave the production company an excuse to keep the stage show as simple as possible. the result is an uninteresting, poorly paced mess of a musical. surprisingly it still kept my youngest interested but the older two whined the whole time about being there. for those smart enough to avoid seeing this show here are some tidbits:

1) the small stage production includes some live actors and only three engines (Thomas, Percy and Diesel).
2) the stage is only big enough for two engines at a time.
3) the plot is secondary. the kids in the audience were only interested in seeing thomas.
4) and the actors were annoying, pointless and rather unnecessary in terms of keeping the kids interested.
5) the voices playing Thomas, Percy and Diesel weren’t even close to the originals.

we were informed early on that cameras were not allowed. and silly me, i complied. other parents either didn’t care or didn’t listen and took pictures anyway. I did have my camera phone with me, so i took some blurry photos to share here on the blog.
the kids in front of memorial hall
as you can see, my oldest was not a happy camper. ha, ha. he was probably embarrassed to be seen at a Thomas show. heh.
phonecam - the kids at the show
conclusion: parents, don’t waste your money on this stage production of Thomas the Tank Engine. try to win free tickets instead, like i did.