so long geeklog

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OK, after years of enduring the difficulties of using geeklog as my content management system here on, i finally decided to bite the bullet and convert everything over to wordpress. i’ve used wordpress extensively on other websites and even on this very own site in the past and love the simplicity of the blogging tool and the ease of adding in plugins. the problem with geeklog is that it’s simply not that user friendly. upgrading to the latest version is always a monumental task and adding/managing plugins is simply a pain. plus SPAM protection was a bit spotty. from what i’ve seen lately, wordpress in conjunction with AKISMET keeps most of the comment SPAM off of the blog.

as some of you may know, i’ve been wanting to migrate over to wordpress for a long time now but there wasn’t a convenient tool to transfer all my geeklog posts over to wordpress. but luckily i stumbled upon JustDave’s site today and found just what i needed to convert my site over.

and after uploading his wordpress import tool, i was quickly able to get my geeklog stuff converted over. simple as that. i love wordpress.

and now i’ll be busy customizing my new templates and such. please let me know if you encounter any errors on the site.

family favorite - chicken curry

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in my ongoing quest to be more helpful to the wife in the kitchen, I made it a point this past weekend to be around during the prep of a perennial favorite in our household, chicken curry over rice.

It’s the basic korean style curry dish but instead of a korean brand curry mix we prefer a japanese brand called Vermont Curry. I’d say the flavor is a bit milder and sweeter than a korean brand curry mix.

here’s the lowdown:
serves: around 8 to 10
ingredients: Vermont Curry Mix (mild), 1 extra large yellow onion, 2 large potatoes, 6 carrots, approx. 4 chicken breasts, water and steamed rice.

- clean and peel the veggies. cut onion, carrots and potatoes like so..

- clean and cut chicken breasts into bite sized portions.

- lightly saute the chopped vegetables over medium heat. precooking the veggies will prevent them from getting soggy while being cooked in the curry sauce.

- add chicken to the pan and then add water. the water level should be just barely over the vegetables.

- and now add the curry mix. this depends on your serving size. in our case we use 10 out of the 12 bars in the curry mix pack. cook at medium/high heat and stir as you go.

- you may need to add more water if the sauce gets too thick.

- after approx. 10 minutes at med/high heat, reduce the heat down to medium.
- please note, you may want to move the pot off the burner when stirring in order to prevent any accidental splattering.

- the wife stresses that i need to “scoop and turn” when i stir. it’s an essential technique.

- after another five minutes or so, reduce the heat down to low/medium and cover the pot with a lid slightly off center so that the steam can vent out.

- serve the curry over rice when ready.


…and voila! one of our family favorites. bon appetit!!


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everytime i go to retail electronic stores like bestbuy or circuit city, i am just so overwhelmed by the vast number of new electronic gear and gadgets that are featured on display. it’s really hard to keep up with all the new technology, updates and upgrades. thankfully for us consumers we have websites and online communities that are geared toward detailed product reviews so that we can inform ourselves of all the features and any reliability issues before we buy. testfreaks is a brand new site built just for product reviews and testing of new consumer electronics and the latest gadgets. the site is still in its early stages but they are planning to soon be a major online resource for all types of product reviews including professionally written reviews as well as from regular consumers and bloggers. the site is easy to navigate with reviews divided into categories like digital cameras, mp3 players and plasma tv reviews. keep an eye on their blog to see their progress in getting this site ready to be fully functional. it’s nice that they are letting the public see their site at such an early stage but the potential of this site is very apparent and i’m looking forward to seeing things ramp up on the site in the coming weeks.

randoms for tuesday 15may07

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- for some odd reason my site has been removed from the technorati blog directory. reading through the support forums, it appears that my blog has been flagged for review. for what, i have absolutely no idea. i left several posts in the support forums as well as opened a support ticket a week ago. so far i haven’t heard back from their support staff. but it appears that i’m not alone. the support forums are full of bloggers that are experiencing the same problem. what’s the deal technorati??

- freebizmag is currently offering a free subscription to psychology today. see if you qualify by clicking here.

- jumong (Prince of Legend) original soundtrack (OST) can be found here.

- TV networks and studios are beginning to realize the value of buzz from blogs. CBS recently wined and dined twelve mommy bloggers to help create some blogger buzz about The New Adventures of Old Christine. and Warner Bros. flew seven bloggers to the set of Supernatural in British Columbia to get some positive buzz on their blogs. Now this kind of stuff is right up my alley! free trips to the set, food and hotel free of charge, meet and greet with the actors, and free DVDs!!???!!! where do i sign up?? *ahem*. are you reading this CBS, Warner Bros., ABC, Viacom?? this blogger for hire is available anytime. call me, OK?

Blog of the Day!!

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wow. i’m payperpost’s blog of the day! sweet. i’m honored! i’m pretty sure blogs are just simply chosen at random but in any case, thanks PPP for the linky love! i appreciate it. and thanks to all that clicked on the link and visited here today. please feel free to add me to your blogrolls and visit again. and again.

It’d be wonderful to have more regular readers here. :)

also, geeklog (the blogging tool that i use here on this site) doesn’t provide an easy way for commenters to leave their URL links with their posts. but if you want to have a linkback to your blog, feel free to use HTML code in your comment to leave a link to your blog.

GoFish contest

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we’ve all seen the reality shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette where single contestants try to win the heart of the mate of their dreams. well the folks over at have taken this concept and gave it a new interactive twist that will take the internet by storm. They are calling it Seduce a Celeb and it’s an online first! The online audience actually becomes part of the program through the submission of user videos. the basic premise centers around a gorgeous, single, eligible celebrity (which is currently actress Mirelly Taylor who has appeared in Kiss Me Again, Las Vegas and Numb3rs) and those that are interested in winning a date with the celebrity. First the celebrity will post videos describing what he or she is looking for in a date. interested candidates will then post their own video responses on the website. the online community can then vote for their favorite. the user with the most votes wins the date. simple as that. you can find more about the contest, the rules and the free videos at the contest will run over the next 14 weeks. if you’re not interested in participating, it’s still fun to watch all the hilarious and absurd videos that some of the users have submitted so far. i think the folks over at GoFish put together a fun and interactive concept that will be getting a good bit of buzz over the next few weeks. check it out!

a leak in Zone 2

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while typing away in front of the computer yesterday i glance out the window for a moment and was surprised to see that my in-ground lawn sprinklers were running. i knew that i didn’t have it scheduled to come on that day since it rained the last couple days so i quickly got up to investigate. it appeared to be a problem with the valve that connects to zone 2 (we have a six zone system). when i test the system out with the main controller, i was able to manually switch on and off all of the other zones in the yard except for zone 2. so i had to manually shut off the main valve at the side of the house in order to stop water from flowing freely out of the zone 2 sprinkler heads. i was so glad we weren’t away this weekend b/c if we were, the zone 2 sprinklers would have let the water run for … gosh, i don’t even want to think about that!! can you imagine what the water bill would be like after a full weekend with the sprinklers on??? yikes! no thank you.

i went ahead and called in for service. hopefully the valve is the only thing wrong with the system…

HDTV tuesdays

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OK now payperpost has gone and done it. they’ve brought cool electronic gear into the mix. if you’re a blogger, you’ve probably already heard about payperpost and their innovative way of utilizing blogs in internet advertising. well, as a special promotion for the month of May, the great minds behind PPP and the folks over at bid4prizes have put together special opportunities for PPP members to win great stuff every tuesday. so far they’ve given away playstation 3s and Apple TVs and they’ve just announced that at the end of the month a new HDTV will be up for grabs. this tuesday (May 15th), they’ve got a slingbox, a nintendo Wii, a Yamaha Surround sound system and a logitech universal remote all waiting for some lucky bloggers to win ‘em. I’m really hurtin’ for a Wii myself so you all know where i’ll be tomorrow, right? i’ll be hangin’ out at PPP, that’s where. so what does one have to do to win one of the prizes, you ask? simple. while logged in the payperpost website, just browse through the newly listed opportunities. they aren’t specially marked so you need to open and take the opp in order to find out if it’s the one with the prize. it’s just another fun way for payperpost to give some back to their bloggers. if you want to join in on the fun, please be sure to click one of the links below.

weekend free for all: 13may07 edition

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the weekend free for all: kid tunes

the following have been road tested and kid approved!!

today’s sampling is directly from our minivan CD collection…

Diggah Tunnah Dance from the Lion King 1.5
Diggah Tunnah. Dig digga tunnah
Keepa digga never get done-a
Diggah Tunnah. Dig digga tunnah
Quick before the hyena come

mahna mahna by the Muppets
Mahna Mahna
Do doo be-do-do
Mahna Mahna
Do do-do do
Mahna Mahna
Do doo be-do-do be-do-do be-do-do
be-do-do-doodle do do do-doo do!

Papa oom mow mow by the Persuasions
Well I hear this sound everywhere I go
(A papa-oom-mow-mow a papa-oom-mow-mow)
From the record, TV, or the radio
(A papa-oom-mow-mow a papa-oom-mow-mow)
But now it’s spreadin’ all through the land
I still can’t seem to understand
(A papa-oom-mow-mow a papa-oom-mow-mow)
(A papa-oom-mow-mow a papa-oom-mow-mow)

DIGGAH TUNNAH, MAHNA, MAHNA, PAPA OOM MOW MOW!! yup, here in the DLee minivan, the kids are learnin’ some dance moves AND expanding their vocabulary!!

have a great day!!

searching for secured loans…

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ahh the wonders of the internet. we’ve got the world at our fingertips. we have access to an unlimited amount of news and information. most folks nowadays take this wonderful ability for granted. just a decade ago, broadband access at home was just for the rich and affluent. and now with instant access, folks are more and more accustomed to instant gratification. this type of mindset has infiltrated to all aspects of our lives. the instant replay, instant coffee, instant messaging and now the instant loan quote. that’s right, with sites like, folks interested in obtaining homeowner loans can receive quotes from a variety of lenders in minutes. it’s fast and convenient. just think, a process that used to be so difficult and slow can now get your secured home loans and secured loan quotes in just a few mouse clicks. works with more than 260 lenders and is focused to get the best deals for those UK homeowners that are in need of secured loans UK. now that’s technology working for you. take the opportunity now and get yourself a great deal.

weekend randoms

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- my SUV update: OK, the check engine light turned off after 60 miles of driving after getting it back from the shop. so maybe my mechanic is trustworthy after all. hhmmmmm…. hard to believe…

- the ten year old had a soccer game at 8 AM today! so early! on top of that - it rained. yup, they still play even in the rain. plus - his grandparents were their to watch. boy it was rough, the kids ended up all muddy. and of course the team lost. but the whole family including the grandparents ate a nice filling breakfast at Brigs afterwards so it wasn’t all bad. man, i love their Conquistador Royal Skillet breakfast. yum!

- it’s raining. good for our lawn. bad for our overflowing gutters. note to self: need to get those gutters cleaned out asap.

- music links of the day: sky is so blue’s got genesis and Born again 80’s got a great Depeche Mode mix.

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I love entering online contests. who doesn’t? if there’s a chance to win a great prize with no strings attached, i’m there. that’s why i love it’s a fun site that offers its members a chance to win a huge array of prizes through exclusive contests available only on their site. once you’re a member, you can choose to enter any number of their online contests that feature prizes valued from $10 to $600. then as each contest winds down, seven lucky members get chosen randomly. those seven will then have to state their case to the rest of the members on the site to gather votes. the one with the most votes win the prize. so essentially we get to choose who gets the prize. neat concept. recent prizes that i’ve seen include DVDs, PDAs, software, MP3 players, cell phones, watches and phone cards.
so check it out. it’s easy, free with no catch and most importantly NO SPAM. don’t worry, there’s nothing to lose and prizes to gain so get yourself signed up today.
This post was sponsored by

the dreaded check engine light

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took the trusty ol’ SUV to the local mechanic yesterday. i had the dreaded check engine light that needed some attention. in the past, it meant that i had to shell out more than $400 on repairs. the last time i had some problems related to the oxygen sensors. this time, it appears to be related to the mass air flow meter (code p0171). my mechanic said he’d clean it up good and see if the code will go away. i was hoping it would since i also needed a state safety/emissions inspection. i picked my vehicle up last night and paid a total of $210. wouldn’t ya know it, after a few miles down the road the check engine light comes on again. argh!! i’ll drive around a couple more days to see if it continues to stay on. if it does i guess i’ll get the mechanic to replace yet another one of those “sensors”. for some reason, i’m having to replace a lot of those.

My mix at lunch

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like most places across the country, we have a local radio station that offers to play “your mix” of songs during their lunch time show. i’ve always thought it was a great opportunity to get some of the songs that aren’t usually on radio rotation some airtime. and so i was a bit excited this morning when i learned that my mix of songs that i submitted online a month or so ago got chosen for today’s show.

i listened while eating my lunch today expecting to hear my carefully sequenced list of 80’s arena rock anthems. what a disappointment it was to hear only two of the songs that i selected. apparently what happens now is that the radio station just cherry picks off all the submitted requests and just plays songs that are normally on their rotation anyway.

so how lame is that? it’s totally bogus. what should be an opportunity for listeners to get to “DJ” for six songs at lunch is in reality just another radio “request show”. lame, lame, lame.

well at least my name was said on the air. that’s something, right? i was famous for half a second or so.

and just for kicks, here’s my hand picked, carefully thought out sequence of songs that i submitted as my lunch time mix.
my mix theme: 80’s arena rock anthems
1) Diamond Sun by Glass Tiger
2) Pride (In the Name of Love) by U2
3) Alive and Kicking by Simple Minds
4) Stand and Deliver by Mr. Mister
5) In a Big Country by Big Country
6) Rain in the Summertime by The Alarm

i’m sure you’re sitting there dazed in amazement at how well crafted my song list is. :P

that’s pure talent my friends, pure talent.

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