well, it’s summer. most people go by the calendar or the overall temperature or when they notice that their kids aren’t at school anymore. one way i can definitely tell is by the lack of interesting programming on television. once summer hits, it’s basically wall to wall reruns and second tier shows that aren’t that interesting to watch. well, i have some good news for all that feel like i do about the summer television schedule. USA Network’s Burn Notice is scheduled to start June 28th! rejoice everyone for there’s finally going to be something substantial to get hooked into during the summer months. The title of the series refers to “burn notices” that are issued by intelligence agencies like the CIA which discredit or announce the dismissal of one of their agents. the new series follows agent Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) as he tries to piece together the reasons for his sudden termination. Besides Donovan, Burn Notice also features Gabrielle Anwar, Sharon Gless and my personal favorite Bruce Campbell (from Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead movies). the mysterious dismissal storyline and the star power of Campbell and Anwar is enough to get me excited about the show. and since finding out about what’s behind Agent Westen’s firing is the whole point of the show there’s not much to go on at this point. if i had to take a stab at it, here’s my take on the reason behind his burn notice:

while digging deep through some classified databases for a case he was researching for, Agent Michael Westen stumbles upon some sensitive documents that revealed detailed information and all the personnel involved in the CIA-Central America drug trafficking fiasco that took place during the Reagan administration. Agent Westen unknowingly opens up a can of worms and the higher ups in the CIA react quickly and swiftly to sweep the info back under the rug. the folks in his department still remember the thrashing they received during the mid-90’s investigations concerning the matter. Agent Westen’s superiors have no choice but to issue the burn notice to stop the info from going any further.

OK, so i’m not a screenwriter. it doesn’t matter. the series starts June 28th on the USA Network. head on over the show’s website for a sneak peek of the series pilot.