Please Teach Me English - this was probably the most refreshing romantic comedy i’ve seen in ages. although it still stays within the limits of the romantic comedy template, there were a lot of little quirky ingredients that somehow made the story seem fresh. the austrailian english teacher speaking korean terribly was just icing on the cake. loved it. thumbs up.

Conduct Zero - the first half of the film and the visual effects during the fight scenes were really good. but the second half got a bit bogged down and unfortunately fizzled out at the end. thumbs half raised.

Catch and Release - what a mess of a film. Jennifer Garner’s character getting together with her dead fiance’s best friend just didn’t feel right. and even though I love Kevin Smith, he alone could not save this movie. oh and Juliette Lewis is just plain annoying as always. thumbs way down.

Letters from Iwo Jima - reading subtitles during this movie got a bit tiring for me. and this is coming from a dude that frequently watches korean DVDs with english subtitles!!??!?? i appreciate Ken Watanabe’s acting and Clint Eastwood’s filmmaking but i just couldn’t really get into this film for some reason. thumbs sort of aloft.

Open Season - this computer animated film has that been there done that smell all over it. but other than that it’s pretty decent. just don’t expect anything innovative or unique in this one. the kids enjoyed watching it and thats what counts. thumbs up.

Dreamgirls - a great movie with stellar performances by Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy. loved the visual presentations, the choreography and of course the music. interesting how thinly veiled the storyline is. i wonder how Motown’s Berry Gordy feels about all of this? thumbs up!

Music and Lyrics - man, what a disappointment. this is a perfect example of how the movie trailer showed all the best parts of the movie. after viewing the trailer, there’s really not much left. plus the Hugh Grant-Drew Barrymore romantic relationship in the movie is just so unnecessary. why can’t the two leads in the story just have a platonic working relationship? you know, just friendship?? best bits: the retro 80’s music video and the recording of the demo of “Way Back into Love”. just watch the clips of it on youtube. thumbs down.

Little Children - a superb movie. Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson and Jackie Earle Haley were just perfect for the film. lots of tension that builds til that final devastating scene at the playground. a must see. thumbs way up.