to celebrate the official beginning of the summer season, here’s a very special e-card for all of you.
sand castles
the website that i created this neat little e-card at allows users to Build A Sandcastle of their very own before sending one out. users have various choices of brick style, towers, windows, flags and color so the custom built sand castles are all unique to your own taste and skill. my six year old helped me with this one. he wanted the castle painted red for some reason. we had fun building the castle. of course not as much fun as being at the beach constructing a real one but when you’re at home far, far away from the coastline, this is sort of the next best thing. the other neat thing about the website is that once you are done building the castle, you get to name it and save it which then gets displayed in their castle gallery. so be sure to round up the kids and head on over to the website to build your very own castle and then show it off for everyone to see your hard work. we’re hoping to get to do some real castle building sometime in july when we’re off on holiday. the kids are really looking forward to it. they are anxious to do something new and exciting especially before school starts back up at the end of july. yikes. time is sure flying by. i gotta go pin down our holiday plans. later!