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- wow. what is happening to one of my favorite shows on TV: Rescue Me??? this past wednesday night’s episode was just pointless. what drew me to the show initially back during seasons 1 and 2 was the great writing, the dialogue and the biting humor. we got none of that in the first two episodes of season four. what a drastic difference. could it be the beginning of the end for the show? well, if they do go out, i really do hope they go out with a bang!! something in grand style and not just whimper off to oblivion.

- Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing is No. 21 on Billboard’s Hot Digital Songs Chart this week. and their Greatest Hits album is now at no. 2 on the Top Pop Catalog album chart. Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain of Journey are probably feeling like idiots firing their lead singer Jeff Scott Soto last week. with no lead singer, they can’t go out on the road and capitalize on the renewed interest. and if you ask me, the reason why Steve Perry is not going to reunite with Journey is simply b/c of the fact that he can’t hit those high notes like he used to back in the 80’s. it’s as simple as that. and so with no Perry, no Jeff Scott Soto and no Steve Augeri in place, Journey is pretty much out of commission when they could have really taken advantage of the situation here. too bad. serves them right for screwing their lead singer like that.

- it’s great to see ol’ Macca landing in the top 5 on the billboard album chart. it still amazes me that a 65 year old man can be that creative and keep the attention of the masses. but it’s a bit of a bummer to learn that the sound quality of the final product leaves a lot to be desired according to the aural experts over at steve hoffman forums. we all tend to think a professionally mastered CD is a perfect copy of what the artist and producer intended but reading through the forums, it doesn’t seem to be the case. just don’t mention the loudness wars around there, it always seems to get people riled up.

- I just got an email notifying me from lala.com that I will be receiving the Jump and Jive With Hi-5 CD very soon. how in the world did that title get on my want list?

- melodic rock heaven!! Def Leppard will be reuniting with producer/songwriter extraordinaire Robert John Mutt Lange (Mr. Shania Twain) to record some new songs!! big hair 80’s rock fans rejoice!!!
…and speaking of Mutt Lange, i recently listened to the three “new” tracks on Shania Twain’s Greatest Hits CD that was released back in 2004. man, i totally respect Mutt Lange as a producer and all but i have to say that he over-processed Shania’s lead vocals through autotune (vocal pitch correction) a bit too much for my tastes. what was he thinking? those tell-tale signs of “autotuning” overpower the natural qualities of her vocals. it just sounds too mechanical and unnatural. either Shania can’t really sing in key or Mr. Mutt Lange loves making his wife sound like a femm-bot.

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