nice garage..a clean and neat garage. that’s my wife’s dream. unfortunately for her, I tend to keep it a bit messy. you know, like a typical garage - various piles of boxes, lawn care equipment, tools scattered about and the kids’ bikes all gathered on one side. it’s supposed to be a two car garage, but with all of the “extra” stuff lying about, we only keep our minivan inside of it. the wife believes we desperately need some garage organization. i’ve recently taken a look at some items that would definitely help in this matter over at the folding wall bike rack would help in getting the children’s bikes out of the way. and i think the seven piece garage cabinet set would declutter some of the tools and other miscellaneous items that are just lying all about taking up space. has given me plenty of ideas to get some extra space out of this ol’ garage. if your garage needs some organization, be sure to check this site out.