just in case you missed Scott Baio last night… here are the highlights (or lowlights… depending on your perspective..) from last night’s episode.

he lost his virginity to Erin Moran at the age of 14?!?!??

Erin mentioned that he had a “small” one. heh.

Scott is friends with Kevin Arnold’s older brother (from the Wonder Years)!!

he’s got a slime-bag buddy named Johnny V. who’s a total loser. well you might say Scott’s circle of friends are all losers but Johnny V. is the KING of all of those losers. Scott’s got to ditch this guy fast.

favorite line comes from Julie McCullough: “I had my first AIDS test because of you!” (officially this was in the season preview clip but hey, it was either this or Scott saying “..and I mistook the couch for her… I was making love to a couch” referring to his first time with Erin Moran, OK? so i opted for the McCullough quote…)

and whatever you do, please for the love of God don’t ever call the man “Chachi”!

the whole time watching the show, i was oddly wondering to myself if Scott was close friends with Ralph Macchio. is it just me or does everyone put them two in the same category?