OK, I feel the need to get on my consumer soapbox and rant a bit about today’s shopping experience over at Rack Room Shoes (the one located near Triangle Town Center). the kids are starting school at the end of the month and so we were trying to get some “back to school” shopping done today on my day off. as we entered the store we noticed all the store employees congregated over at the register having some casual conversation and not one acknowledged that we we entered the store. whatever, i thought to myself. over in the childrens’ section, there were piles of shoe boxes on the floor blocking most of the aisle. if i had to guess, they were in the middle of rearranging some childrens’ shoes. of course there was no explanation to us about the mess since the employees refused to acknowledge us, right? Their childrens’ shoes selection was simply appalling and has been for quite some time. the only reason we go to rack room is b/c of their “buy 1 get the other for 1/2 price” sale. but sadly, their shoes are essentially second rate. you know, stuff that have been out for years. anyway, we couldn’t find a decent pair for our oldest and our three year old. we found an acceptable pair for our middle child but we needed a second to take advantage of the sale. since there wasn’t anything available for the other two kids, I ended up selecting an extra pair of running shoes for myself. whatever. so i get up to the cash register. the employee standing there was on the phone and didn’t say a word to me. WTF! she then rolls her eyes and says to her coworker, “wanna take this one?” like I’m bothering her or something??? *i’m the freakin’ customer at your shoe store! You get paid to help me, right???* the other employee that ended up ringing me up had the same shitty attitude. really didn’t say much of anything to me. OK, this is just burning me up. am i a damn leper? do i have the plague? what in the world? this is the freakin’ RACK ROOM for pete’s sake! i’d expect shitty attitude like this from employees at upscale boutiques over in Beverly Hills but NOT from minimum wages drones stuck at the local Rack Room. Never again, my friends, never again.