had a marvelous time watching the all time tennis greats John McEnroe and Pete Sampras over at the RBC Center this past saturday with my 10 year old son. To be able to see these two play tennis live and in person was honestly a thrill and a half. OK, so they’re not in their prime in terms of athletic ability but hey, these guys are sports legends! McEnroe won seven grand slam singles titles over his professional career and Sampras won a whopping 14 grand slam titles before retiring in 2003. At saturday’s exhibition match, Sampras and McEnroe played a total of three sets. the match was pretty laid back and was interspersed with a bit of clowning around to entertain the fans in the sports arena. McEnroe even half-heartedly attempted to argue with the umpire about what he thought was a bad call. it was obvious that McEnroe wasn’t that serious about it and was mainly done to please the crowd. he also threw his racket down a couple of times during the match and even half-mooned a heckler… OK, it was only down to his underwear since this was a family oriented event but it was still funny. Sampras ended up winning the match 3-6, 6-3, 6-4 but winning these types of matches isn’t as important to the fans as just to be there and see these greats in action. we were also treated to some bonuses at the event. there were two quick 10-point doubles matches with McEnroe and Sampras along with area ACC players. and right before the start of the whole event, McEnroe and Sampras appeared outside in front of the arena for an autograph session. I managed to squeeze through for some quick shots of them at the autograph session but the line was way too long to even bother standing in it for an actual autograph. ..but at least i was able to take a couple of fuzzy pictures of them, right? heh. i included some of the photos here on the blog. i just had a small point and shoot digicam with me so the majority of the action shots on the court were just a big blur due to flash being prohibited during the matches. so here are the ones that didn’t come out too blurry.