there was a segment on a local news program that featured local inventors and entrepreneurs who had neat and innovative products but are having a hard time getting the word out about them. they don’t have the kind of budget to spend in order to become a household brand like the mega-corporations do. i never really thought about the inventor’s or small entrepreneur’s perspective on marketing a product with a limited marketing budget. but it’s obvious that television advertising is the most effective way to get the broadest range of folks aware of a new product. interestingly enough, i recently came across a company that would be perfect for these individuals with products to sell. Hawthorne Direct is a full service advertising agency that is involved with all aspects of production, media and integrated marketing. they have an exclusive system called Time Track that is designed to efficiently manage television advertising costs and maximize the performance of the advertising campaign. the software provides reports with detailed analysis of your campaign with marketing forecasts and recommendations for which time periods to focus in on for your product. with a limited ad budget, maximizing the performance of your campaign is essential and a software system like Time Track can help do just that.