with the ever mounting stress of work, bills, the kids, the wife, the in laws, the house, the yard, the neighbors, traffic and so on, there’s got to be some sort of way to release all this pressure before one blows, right? well, there is. it’s called paintball. believe it or not, paintball is a sport that 10 million people across the U.S. play every year. it involves strategy, teamwork, good communication and some shooting skill. there’s nothing like getting a group of friends together for some “capture the flag” action out in the open air. planning out strategies, the camaraderie among the team and the thrill of shooting at the opponents all work to melt the stress away. the sport definitely works as a stress reliever and it’s getting to a point where i need this type of stress relief pretty regularly. I recently checked out Ultimate Paintball to purchase my own paintball gun. owning your own paintball equipment can definitely help in getting you the edge over the opponent. with the right gun, one can easily improve accuracy, consistency and increase the rate of fire. yes, just being out and about with your friends and having a blast in a game of paintball definitely blows away the stress i must say. but being on the winning team can make your day even twice as sweet. heh.