with most of us conditioned to the immediacy and convenience of digital cameras, you’d probably be hard pressed to find folks willing to go back to film based cameras. i[ve had my ol’ trusty Sony DSC-P8 point and shoot for years and even though it’s a bit dated in terms of megapixels and features, I really like the size of it which allows me to take it just about anywhere. even though i would really love one of those new entry-level dSLRs like the Nikon D40x, the larger body size might somehow impede me from having it with me at those times when great photo opportunities occur. but obviously the downside of having a pocket sized digicam is the lack of a powerful zoom. this was very noticeable at events like the recent Serving Up Aces tennis match that i attended a couple weeks ago where i could have used a better zoom lens than the one my little DSC-P8 was capable of. if i did go with something more up to date, instead of going with a bulky dSLR, i’d probably go with a compact camera with a powerful zoom and optical stabilization like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3K. it’s a little larger than my old Sony but with the 10X zoom, it’s a good compromise.
when you have little kids like i do, having a digital camera is a must in order to capture all of their precious moments. the little ones grow up and change so fast, digital photos help us parents look back and marvel at their transformations.