man-bandfor those with more discerning viewing habits, here’s what you missed last night.
VH1’s Mission: Man Band
former boy-band members: Bryan Abrams from Color Me Badd, Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, Rich Cronin from LFO, and Chris Kirkpatrick from ‘N Sync, get together and desperately beg and plead for a way out of obscurity. why do i subject myself to such trash? well, I suppose.. it’s a train wreck and I like to watch. heh. yes, i’m sick.
here are some quick bits from the premiere:
-Bryan Abrams: currently works in a warehouse stacking tires. he’s got a baby and needs to work. sad. he’s also a bit overweight which might be a bit of a stumbling block for his career comeback.
-Chris Kirkpatrick: he’s got a nice big house for a guy that doesn’t even sing lead vocals. he says he’s tired of partying all the time and not working.
-Jeff Timmons: likes being out of the limelight. wants to work behind the scenes. sort of ironic since he’s the best looking of the bunch.
-Rich Cronin: tugs at the heart strings. he’s currently battling leukemia.
the big red flag in last night’s episode: their new manager is associated with 10th St. Entertainment. when i saw that, I just knew their fate was sealed. they are doomed to obscurity forever. 10th St. totally screwed up Elliot Easton and Todd Rundgren and the rest of The New Cars by not effectively promoting them after the initial announcement of their summer tour last year. remember? of course you don’t because 10th St. failed to properly get the word out . they basically dropped them like a hot potato and they left the musicians to fend for themselves. Yes, I understand promoting a middle aged group of rockers is a tough sell but still, it’s so obvious management had a big hand in botching the whole project.

anyway, i’m not totally sure if i’ll be catching the rest of the series but since i’m such a glutton for punishment…