those of us living in the confines of a suburban subdivision know all to well the pressures of keeping a lush, green and immaculate lawn. it’s sad but true, us suburbanites have this inexplicable need to keep up with the Jonses- driving our expensive SUVs into our two car garage, 4-bedroom homes which of course comes with a picture perfect front yard. you know, it takes a lot of effort keeping the appearance of the ideal cul-de-sac family when in reality, life is just a whirlwind of chaos- errands to run, hungry kids to feed, the kids’ various sports schedules to keep up with, bills to pay, enormous piles of laundry, a cavernous house to keep clean, oh..the push and pull of life just seems endless! so finding the time to battle invasive weeds, crabgrass, fungus and mushrooms from overtaking the lawn can get a bit difficult. when hearing all the positive buzz about the iRobot Roomba vacuuming Robot recently, I immediately wondered if the great minds in the R&D department over at iRobot Corporation are working on a future model geared toward lawn care! Just imagine what a time saver that would be!! no longer would i have to be drenched with sweat, mowing the lawn out in the hot summer heat every weekend. Just like the Roomba, the “Lawnba” could be preprogrammed to cut the grass on a regular basis. but why stop there?? how about adding a full-fledged lawn care intelligence feature that would ultimately revolutionize the lawn care industry as we know it today!!???!!? Not only would the “Lawnba” mow the grass but also have the ability to custom analyze the condition of your lawn and add fertilizer when needed!! With a built in soil pH analyzer, the robot will automatically be able to tell when lime is needed as well. but wait, there’s more!! how about a hi-res scanner that can pinpoint weeds, crabgrass and other pesky lawn invaders and treat them accordingly with weed-controlling applications and such. and in the fall, the lawn robot would have built in capabilities of aerating the lawn to prep for re-seeding. man, the “Lawnba” would be a huge hit!
lawnba - the lawn care robot by
Once the robot becomes available at Home Depot and Lowe’s across the nation, you would see long lines of dads and moms clamoring for a unit of their own. not only would this be a computerized machine of convenience. the “Lawnba” would in fact change lives all over the world! Dads and moms will no longer be slaves to their yards on the weekends and will find that they now have more time to spend with the kids which in turn means more trips to family oriented entertainment destinations and such. as more and more families become active and totally free from yardwork, not only will we see a boost in our nation’s economy but we will see a nation full of happy, smiling and belly-laughing families!! an all out love-fest would ensue and war between nations would cease to exist.
OK, WOW!! all that from a lawn care robot!
..well then… get to work iRobot R&D engineers!! our peaceful and happy future is in your hands!!