yes, more soccer pix

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soccer update. you know these weekly entries are basically to help me keep track of how the boys’ teams are doing this season. :)

the six year old’s team: they ended up with a tie 2 to 2
the 10 year old’s team: won their game 3 to 2

I love this photo. it looks like Alec and the other boys on team brazil are doing the chicken dance right in the middle of a game.

and for the throw-in, the kid from team portugal will give the ball right to Alec and team brazil. heh.

Alec as goalie. it’s always nerve-wracking whenever your child is put in as goalie. it’s the toughest role on the team b/c you end up feeling responsible if the other team scores on you. luckily during his stint as goalie, he didn’t let any balls get past him. whew!


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now that our kids are on the year round school schedule, i have to regularly schedule activities for the kids during their “tracked-out” time which is after every nine weeks of school. it has been a bit difficult to get used to since we all grew up on a traditional school calendar. the only issue i have with all these track out camps are the costs. man, this is putting the hurt on my wallet. as the kids get older, the demand on the wallet just grows along with them. the strain on the family budget has got me even considering loans to pay for some of these activities at this point. and i’m pretty sure a lot of folks out there are pretty much in the same boat as it’s well known that we as a generation have become a full-on debt society. i’m not as quick to judge as i used to about these things because when your budget’s stretched to the limit, secured loans or even personal loans may end up being the best way to go in certain situations. there are a lot of interesting financial options being offered and i’m definitely going to have to take a long look through the details to figure out the best approach in paying for some of these track out activities.

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server outage

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what is going on with my webhost provider??? we’ve had several outages this past week. and they all occurred right around the time that i was trying to post something. initially i thought it was something that i did but checking with tech support it was something to do with the servers. the most recent incident that occurred last night lasted over several hours. it was a bit frustrating especially when it interferes with getting some paid work done here on the site.

payment for the next year will be due pretty soon so i’ll have to closely monitor my webhosting service and see if i really do need to look for a more reliable provider.

please let me know if you notice my site being down again.

SMS enabled blogging

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goliveyou know, i hate to say it but plain ol’ blogging is pretty commonplace. i’d like to think of my site as something special but in the overall scheme of things, it sorta blends right in with all the other million blogs out there on the interweb. so what can one to do to take the blog to the next level? well, there seems to be a shift toward up to the minute, as it happens type mobile blogging. with a whole generation of kids brought up with text messaging on their mobile phones, it’s thought that sms marketing will be the next big thing. with mobile marketing technology, tailored information can be spread across a huge number of users instantly. and likewise, the technology can be used to instantly update blogs with cell phone photos, messages and even on the spot videos. no more waiting around to get a moment on the computer to post an update on your blog. set up an SMS enabled blog and post your thoughts on the spot. now that’s cool.

Friday Feast for 28Sep07

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friday feast
Feast One Hundred & Sixty Two
a little late due to my webhost server being down for most of last night. argh. so frustrating!!

How are you today?
good. just got a little headache. need some ibuprofen.

Name 3 television shows you watch on a regular basis.
The Office of course. last night’s season premiere was fantastic. loved it.
Heroes. i tend to expect to be letdown with each new episode but the writing has been pretty consistent since day one.
and i guess 30 Rock. shoot, they did a Todd Rundgren joke last season so they’ll always have me as a viewer.

What’s the scariest weather situation you’ve experienced?
Hurricane Fran which ripped through North Carolina back in 96. the night of the storm was pretty intense. and then afterwards we had no electricity for days.

Main Course
If you could wake up tomorrow morning in another country, where would you want to be?
St. John, Virgin Islands. or Kauai. any place tropical and beautiful. :)

What do you usually wear to sleep?
boxers and a t-shirt. what do YOU wear? :P

sub to a great music mag

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one of my favorite music magazines, SPIN, is now available as a free subscription through Mercury Magazine.
the number of subs are limited so be sure to sign up as soon as possible.

here’s the link to the free 1 yr subscription.

Spin focuses on the progressive new music scene and young adult culture involved with alternative music. Each issue includes reviews, essays, profiles and interviews on a range of music from rock to jazz.

free sub to TV Guide

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tvgmagthe freebie of the day- a free subscription to TV Guide.

TV Guide is now a Full-Size, Full-Color magazine for people who are passionate about their favorite shows, characters, and stars. Plus, TV guide features an easier-to-use national listings section with more highlights and reviews.

I just signed up for it today so i’m not completely sure if you’ll get the subscription but it’s worth a try…

link to 1 year free subscription to TV Guide [via rewards gold]

just fill out the short survey at rewards gold and it’ll then take you to another page where you can fill in your address info for the subscription.


you won’t like me when I’m angry…

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a word to the wise

don’t ever say the word “oriental” in front of me or call me “Daniel-san”. especially when you’re not asian.

b/c if you do, I’ll have no choice but to go all Bruce Lee on you!!
BLee kick

inland empire

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OK, I gave it a shot. but after an hour and a half (which was only half-way through the 3 hour movie) of bizarre, pointless scenes edited together in apparent random fashion, i just had to hit the stop button. since i loved David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive and the first season of Twin Peaks, i thought Inland Empire would be similar in quality but sadly, it’s just a complete mess of a movie. shot in digital form, Lynch seems to be more interested in stylized visuals and editing than story here. and those extreme closeups of the actors really weren’t that flattering especially Laura Dern who looked a bit freakish at times. I suppose if Lynch had Naomi Watts in place of Laura Dern I would have tried harder to make it through the 3 hour torturefest but with the way it was, the hour and a half was way more than i should have wasted on this film. some of the scenes like the ones with the Rabbits, didn’t even need to be in the film. there was no connection or link to speak of. i suppose if one was tripping on acid, this movie might be more enjoyable but for those that don’t do acid, i suggest rewatching David Lynch’s masterpiece Mulholland Drive.

freebies of the day

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here’s a free subscription to Nylon magazine. [via Mercury magazine]

Nylon packs in culture and fashion for the independent soul. Get on the cutting edge of new music and styles before it’s watered down for the masses.

also available is a free subscription to Metropolitan Home [via freebizmag]

Metropolitan Home focuses on the art of living well. It contains the latest in home design, entertaining, food, wine and spirits, and travel. It aims at quality-conscious adults seeking personal style and comfort in decorating a beautiful home.

Just Good Tunes recently posted the Best of A Flock of Seagulls

choquegratis blog’s got Mark Knopfler’s latest - Kill to Get Crimson

oh and lookie here! muchmusic posted Mike Oldfield’s Music of the Spheres. wow. and the album hasn’t even been officially released yet. what in the world!!

Danner Boots

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you know how the majority of people that drive 4 wheel drive sports utility vehicles never take them off-road? interestingly enough, the same goes for footwear. guys that want to exude that tough, outdoorsy-type look should get some Danner boots. the rugged, heavy-duty look of some nice quality hiking boots really does convey an image of a rough, tough dude in a thick flannel shirt ready to chop down a tree or something. and with Danner boots, you know you’re getting a top quality product that’s made for the outdoors yet comfortable to wear everyday. another nice thing about Danner Boots is that they are available online at and with any order over $100, shipping is absolutely free.

saturday means soccer!

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it’s saturday and you should all know what that means by now!!
more saturday soccer photos, of course!!
sat morning soccer-22sep07
sat afternoon soccer-22sep07
after a week of cool temps, it shot up back in the mid-90s just in time for soccer! oh goodie! hot and humid out in the soccer field just ain’t my thing. luckily both boys and their respective teams won today. yay!

Friday’s Feast: One Hundred & Sixty One

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friday feast
Feast One Hundred & Sixty One

What is your favorite type of art?
this is such an open ended question. genre? time period? cultural? historical? modern? contemporary? if they’re asking in terms of one of the art movements, i’d have to go with impressionism. who doesn’t love a Monet?

When was the last time you got a free lunch (or breakfast or dinner)? Who paid for it?
my co-workers took me out for lunch today to celebrate my recent birthday. i chose a local BBQ joint, of course. yes, i milk my birthday for all it’s worth!! heh.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how emotional are you?
i’ll go with the middle ground, a 5. i tend to show little emotion until i hit a certain threshold. once i cross the line, i become a blubbering idiot.

Main Course
Approximately how long do you spend each day responding to emails?
emails? come on, it’s so passe. facebook is where it’s at. now that’s what i call a time waster. btw, don’t forget to add me to your facebook. :P

To what temperature do you usually set your home’s thermostat?
it varies depending on the season. it’s usually on 75 during the summer months. and if i remember correctly, 68 during the winter months.

Have a great weekend!


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one of the basics in building a business is to get people aware that you’re out there and one of the simplest yet effective way to go about doing that is put up a sign. whether it’s real estate signs, “grand opening” banners or retail displays, they are all essential in the business world. and now it’s easier than ever to get any type of sign customized for your business needs with the Build A Sign website. you can use their online design tools to customize all aspects of your sign and then submit it right then and there on the site to get it made. it’s fast, convenient and easy to do. be sure to check the website for more details.

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