OK, how in the hell did the movie Premonition ever get made??? i mean, come on! wouldn’t you think there’d be at least one person at the movie studio that’d point out these rather large plot holes in the story and say “hold on a sec, this movie doesn’t make a lick of sense. let’s go back to the drawing board..”????? obviously hollywood assumes we’re all idiots. it’s infuriating to think that the “great minds” behind this embarrassment of a movie got paid millions for this. I knew going in that the movie got panned by critics but i tend to give critically panned movies benefit of the doubt since, as some of you know, I’m the kind of guy that places Dumb and Dumber on his all-time favorites list. but unfortunately Premonition didn’t end up being one of those *it’s so bad it’s good* movies. it’s more like a - damn, i need to find the director of this crap movie and beat some sense into him-type movie.

*spoiler alert*

major plot hole - there are many, believe me. but the most glaring one is in an early scene (which in the corrected sequence of events, occurs after the death of the husband) where the older daughter SHOULD have scars on her face but doesn’t. it was most likely done to not tip the audience too early but once you know what happened, these early scenes stick out like sore thumbs. stuff like this cheapens the whole movie and does not motivate anyone to rewatch the flick.

another thing that annoyed me was when Sandra Bullock’s character mapped out the 7-day week and wrote down where she’s been and which “days” in the week haven’t happened yet. uhh, hello? yeah, like the powers that be are somehow restricted to only showing her visions within that week. is there a rule book somewhere that allows dreams to reveal themselves out of sequence BUT only within that week in question??? yeah, right.

I have to give the writer and director credit for letting the husband die at the end and not tack on some sort of “hollywood ending”. BUT, the ending was still hokey with Bullock’s character inadvertently placing the husband in the path of an oncoming semi. Oops! and as an apparent tribute to Jerry “Mr. Big Explosion” Bruckheimer, the semi, the car and the husband are blown to bits. … OK, except for his head which is the only thing left to bury at the funeral. i’m NOT making that up, it’s all part of the story!!!

OK, so the movie is not worth the time, people. you’ve been warned. even if there’s absolutely nothing else to rent at blockbuster, don’t do it!! you’ll thank me in the end, believe me.