goliveyou know, i hate to say it but plain ol’ blogging is pretty commonplace. i’d like to think of my site as something special but in the overall scheme of things, it sorta blends right in with all the other million blogs out there on the interweb. so what can one to do to take the blog to the next level? well, there seems to be a shift toward up to the minute, as it happens type mobile blogging. with a whole generation of kids brought up with text messaging on their mobile phones, it’s thought that sms marketing will be the next big thing. with mobile marketing technology, tailored information can be spread across a huge number of users instantly. and likewise, the technology can be used to instantly update blogs with cell phone photos, messages and even on the spot videos. no more waiting around to get a moment on the computer to post an update on your blog. set up an SMS enabled blog and post your thoughts on the spot. now that’s cool.