soccer update. you know these weekly entries are basically to help me keep track of how the boys’ teams are doing this season. :)

the six year old’s team: they ended up with a tie 2 to 2
the 10 year old’s team: won their game 3 to 2

I love this photo. it looks like Alec and the other boys on team brazil are doing the chicken dance right in the middle of a game.

and for the throw-in, the kid from team portugal will give the ball right to Alec and team brazil. heh.

Alec as goalie. it’s always nerve-wracking whenever your child is put in as goalie. it’s the toughest role on the team b/c you end up feeling responsible if the other team scores on you. luckily during his stint as goalie, he didn’t let any balls get past him. whew!