what a way to start the day…

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the morning commute took 1 hour and 9 minutes today! argh.
this morning’s traffic jam.  a lovely way to start the day!
the main road access to the interstate was backed up near our neighborhood so i took the “back way” to try and get on the interstate further on down thinking it would save time. wrong. it took me a good thirty minutes just to make it back to the interstate. apparently a broke down 18 wheeler a couple miles down on the interstate caused the traffic jam. lovely.

once we got past the 18 wheeler, the traffic diminished. i must have pushed the engine a bit too much once the traffic cleared b/c my dreaded “check engine” light lit up yet again! i really, really dislike my SUV. harumph.

here’s a pic of my in-dash info screen. as you can see the time elapsed indicator states- 1 hour and 9 minutes. thank you very much. now, what do i win?
I’m an excellent driver!

Villeroy and Boch Serveware

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we’ve been seriously considering inviting our extended family over for thanksgiving. we normally head over to the mother in law’s house or the wife’s sister’s home in D.C. but we figure it’s time for us to host a family get-together this year. but before then, we’ve got a long to-do list to go through in preparation for the large get-together. one thing we definitely need is some presentable serveware to use during thanksgiving dinner. with three little boys in the house, there hasn’t been much need of elegant dinnerware but now that we’re hosting, it’s high time to place an order at Villeroy & Boch. the family-owned company is known the world over for their high quality dinnerware and serveware. the wife and I will probably go with their New Wave designed tableware. the plates, cups and bowls are made of vitrified porcelain which are microwave and dishwasher safe. plus the designs and shapes are unique and fun to look at. i bet the family will not only enjoy a fabulous meal cooked by my wife but will also be impressed by our new Villeroy & Boch tableware. and as our luck would have it, Villeroy & Boch is currently having a 20% off sale on all their serveware. that definitely helps our purchase. if you’re in need of some elegant dinnerware, be sure to browse through the Villeroy & Boch website today.

what would YOU do?

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just curious. what would YOU do in this situation.

the neighbor across from you sets up lil’ toy traffic cones for his son to maneuver his toy car around in the cul-de-sac (sort of like an obstacle course). that’s all well and good but some of the cones just happen to be positioned in front of your driveway. and you need to head out and do some errands so you open up the garage and start the minivan. as common courtesy, you wait a minute or so to give the neighbor enough time to move the kid and the cones away from your driveway. after a minute or so, you look back and see that the cones are still positioned out on the street with the neighbor and his kid sitting on the edge of their lawn.

do you…?

a) back up your driveway slowly and then maneuver your minivan in a careful manner so that you don’t run over the cones, all the while smiling and waving at your neighbor and his lil’ son.

b) get pissed off at your neighbor for being so inconsiderate, back up without being too concerned about his toy cones and drive away without acknowledging said neighbor.

c) get angry at this neighbor’s ongoing inconsiderate ways and back up in a forceful manner, run over his cones on purpose and pull away at top speed with your middle finger proudly displayed out your driver side window.

d) stop your vehicle at the end of your drive, get out and kick the traffic cones out of the way while shouting expletives at your shitty neighbor right in front of his lil’ brat of a kid.

yeah, yeah, i know what Jesus would do. BUT what would YOU do?

i’m leaning toward option d) myself…


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one of our IT guys was over at my cube today loading some upgrades on my desktop. and while we were waiting for the software to finish processing, we somehow got on the subject of his dating life. OK, before i get flamed on my own blog please note for the record, he essentially brought it up during a lull in the conversation, OK, not me. anyway, he’s been with his current girlfriend for about four months and they met online through a service called Darkyria.com : Love Different. he told me it was a site specifically for those into the Goth lifestyle. it took me by surprise since he looks pretty clean cut at work with no signs of dark eyeshadow or eyeliner. but apparently he’s required to look a certain way at work and then outside of work, he tells me that i probably wouldn’t recognize him. anyway, he speaks highly of the online dating site which offers its members free online video chat capabilities, access to their exclusive discussion forums, full access to member profiles and even a “send a wink” function which lets a person know that you’re interested. Darkyria is a feature rich site and is well on its way of become “the” place to be for those into Goth, extreme music and the alternative lifestyle.

Friday Feast for 26Oct07

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Friday’s Feast: Feast One Hundred & Sixty Six
friday feast
Name a great website you would recommend to others.
can’t stay away from FaceBook for some reason. plus with the recent news of Microsoft investing $240 million into the site, it’s high time for those not on FaceBook to hop on the bandwagon.

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 as highest), how often do you dream at night?
probably a 5. usually revolving around depression, money (lack of), making wrong decisions and getting in trouble for them. sad, really.

Did you have a pet as a child? If so, what kind and what was its name?
had a doberman puppy for a short while. i’m not sure who named her but nonetheless her name was Betty. we realized fast that the doberman was too much responsibility and we ended up giving the puppy back.

Main Course
If you had the chance to star in a commercial, what would you choose to advertise?
DL BMWthe BMW 5-series. The commercial would have me drive the sports sedan down a beautiful scenic stretch of winding road. at the end of my journey, i stop at an elegant restaurant where i’d enjoy a five-course meal complete with a nice, thick and tender steak and an ultra-expensive wine with BMW picking up the tab, of course. my fee for the endorsement deal would be in the six figure range as well as the option to keep the car with a lifetime maintenance agreement.

What is your favorite kind of hard candy?
watermelon flavored Jolly Ranchers, of course.

Happy Friday!!

Uptown Saturday Night

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it seems to always happen to me. by this time each year i end up having some excess vacation time that i have to burn off somehow. i already have my christmas vacation blocked off but i still have quite a few days remaining. i was thinking of taking some time off in november to visit the “nation’s oldest city”, St. Augustine, Florida. the weather is just perfect this time of year in florida plus there will be some neat St. Augustine events October 27th and November 24th called “Uptown Saturday Night”. during those last saturdays of october and november, the antique district (between Ripley’s Museum and the Mission of Nombre de Dios) livens up with great music, food, wine tasting, art, parties and more. it’s a great way to cap off a visit to the oldest European settlement in the U.S. the place is well known for its old world charm and ambiance with historic streets, Spanish style architecture, unique restaurants, art galleries and antique shops. when i go, i’d definitely hit the antique stores and wander through the historic district in town. the couple of sites i’d love to check out is the Fountain of Youth of course and the Castillo de San Marcos, the old fort built by the Spanish back in the 1600s. “Uptown Saturday Night” is a great tradition in St. Augustine and it’s not to be missed. mark your calendar for the 27th of October and the 24th of November. festivities start around 5pm and be sure to head over to the Mission of Nombre de Dios for free parking.

rain on me

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welcome rain
hooray for the wet weather!! it’s such a relief to finally get some significant rainfall after all this time. we’re still in the midst of a severe drought but any rain is good rain. now, just 15 more inches to go!!

yesterday’s weather report from WRAL:
..On Wednesday, Raleigh picked up 1.79 inches of rain, Chapel Hill 1.68 inches, Rocky Mount 1.76 inches and Roanoke Rapids 2.79 inches. Widespread showers were in the forecast Thursday, along with the chance of scattered thunderstorms. Some thunderstorms were expected to produce heavy rainfall. While the rain is a welcome sight, officials urge residents to remember North Carolina needs at least 15 inches of rainfall to ease statewide drought conditions. “The rain we are getting this week, while welcome, is not going to be enough to get us out of this drought,” said Gov. Mike Easley. “We cannot make it rain as much as we need, although I know you would if you could, so we must do even more to conserve the water we have.” The rain is expected to continue Friday and Saturday before ending on Sunday.
a phonecam shot during my morning drive!  hooray for rain!!

day at the museum

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had some fun hanging out at the life and science museum recently. check out some of these goofy shots off my camera phone. i don’t know if you can tell but i told the boys to look surprised when i took these shots.



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virtual makeovers

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whenever my wife is about to head off to the hair salon, she seems to always fret over the decision of how drastic a change in style she’d want this time around. i can see how tough a decision it can be when you can’t really visualize what a hair style or color would look on you. well, there’s a great website that can help with just that. makeoversolutions.com allows users to perform a virtual makeover on themselves simply by uploading their own photo onto the website. first you’ll need to sign up for an account. onced registered, upload a photo of yourself and use the interface settings to define where your eyes and lips are positioned. face shape is also defined. once the settings are finalized, you can browse through various celeb photos featuring various hair styles that you can choose from. the hair styles can then be superimposed onto your photo. once you’ve settled on a new hairdo, you can proceed onto the cosmetics section where you can choose lipstick color, eyeshadow, mascara and even teeth whitening. pretty neat stuff. not only is this a great tool for people wanting to try out different styles but it’s also a whole lot of fun. check out their makeover gallery to see the results done by some of the real life users of the site. the resulting makeover photos are pretty realistic. free accounts include 100 different hairstyles, 25 celebrity hairstyles, 48 cosmetic colors and 33 accessories. users who desire more control and more variety can upgrade to a paid account for access to 3,000 hairstyles, 300 celeb hairstyles plus other extra features. in addition to the makeover feature on the site, makeoversolutions.com offers helpful beauty tips, product reviews and the latest in fashion and cosmetics. so head on over to the site now and see what a new hairstyle can do for you.

this post was sponsored by makeoversolutions.com

Elle Decor sub

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well lookie here! it’s the freebie of the day!!

A one year subscription to Elle Decor Magazine is available for those that are interested in interior decorating and design.

Elle Decor presents top-of-the-line interiors with a younger, more sophisticated, and more whimsical air than most of its competitors. Nestled somewhere between pristine Architectural Digest and the Gen-X Wallpaper, Elle Decor is a colorful, imaginative, and reliable source for interior design ideas and trends. It’s a little bit of fantasy for all tastes, with its visits to gardens, grand estates, city townhouses, tiny apartments, bungalows, and country homes. The magazine also synthesizes fashion and decor by including shots from runways, swatches of garment and decorating fabrics, and matching decor accessories. Correspondents travel the world to report on food, style, and interior design, and every issue includes a handy listing of its findings for globetrotting collectors and foodies. Aware that some of their readers are urban dwellers with limited space, the editors offer a monthly “Solutions” column with ideas from various designers on solving small-space challenges.

click here to see if you qualify for the free offer. [via freebizmag]

and that’s not all!!

as a bonus freebie - Chicago’s ever popular christmas album can be downloaded over at muchmusic.net


Packet8 Virtual Office

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businesses are always looking to be more efficient and to cut costs. especially in times like these where the current economy is in such a fragile state. in order to survive, businesses need to buckle down, run hard and run lean. one aspect of the business that one can easily save money in is converting traditional phone systems to business VoIP systems. this is especially true when you have several branch offices or satellite sites. the conversion to VoIP can save costs in long distance calls, inter-office calls as well as conference calls. the Packet8 Virtual Office plan is a flexible, cost-effective solution for small and medium sized businesses. there’s minimal set up costs and can easily be scalable with no hassle additions to the system as your business grows. Virtual Office is a hardware free installation to your existing broadband connection. once installed, Virtual Office provides advanced PBX functionality with unlimited long distance and global calling plans, automated Outlook integration, advanced call forwarding, voicemail and integrated fax support. in times like these, companies need to adapt and break away from tradition or old habits. if your business is still dealing with traditional phone companies, it’s high time to step out of the past and into the new. head on over to Packet8 for more details.

Save the Last Dance for Me

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OK, the wife and I tried to watch the 6 DVD set of Save the Last Dance for Me but couldn’t get past the second disc. Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene) is cute and all but we couldn’t bear watching her over-act through every single scene in this snoozer of a k-drama. and all the overused k-drama plot devices are here including: memory loss, lovable father passing away, misunderstandings galore, hospital-foo, fighting in the rain-foo, love triangles, accidents galore, paralysis-foo, love lost and then found, yadda, yadda, yadda.
i can’t really say what happens in the end b/c we never finished the series. oh well. but i did notice that the music was pretty good in this series. and in keeping with the k-drama tradition, the main themes were repeatedly played to death.

download: Give My Love (korean version)
as well as Give My Love (the main title version)

get pumped up!

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my friend paul and i used to work out at a gym a while back where most of the guys we encountered there were seriously workin’ those free weights every single day. paul and i are just your average joes in terms of body type so it got a bit intimidating to say the least to lift weights next to guys that looked like Hulk Hogan and Lou Ferrigno. at one point my workout partner and i even considered bodybuilding supplements to help us appear less out of our league there at the gym but the prices at the local retailer kinda cooled that idea. too bad the website IllPumpYouUp.com wasn’t around back then. the site specializes in bodybuilding supplements, weight loss products, high quality vitamins and nutritional supplements. they’ve got a great selection of products by the top manufacturers and at the lowest prices around. head on over the IllPumpYouUp.com and pump yourself up!

this post was sponsored by IllPumpYouUp.com

soccer update 20oct07

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it’s saturday and you know what that means here on DLee.us! it’s soccer update time! hooray!

the boys had last saturday off so don’t worry if you felt that you missed an update or something. :P

-the six year old and team brazil did great and won their game. it was a bit rough due to not having practice time yesterday (rained out) but it was all good.

- the ten year old and team argentina didn’t fare so well today. they lost 2 to 0. ouch. but i have to say that the ten year old was looking good today. he has improved so much over the course of the season. i was glad to see him attack the ball without hesitation today. no fear! right, boys??

next week is the last game of the season. let’s all finish BIG, alright?

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