YA Entertainment recently started sending out their quarterly promo DVDs to folks on their mailing list. we just received their Winter Sonata sampler to commemorate YAE’s recent release of their Winter Sonata Special Edition box set. the wife and I missed the whole Winter Sonata/Bae Yong-Jun frenzy the first time around. yes, we heard all the talk about asian housewives across the globe having Yon-sama fever but we never ended up seeking the DVDs out at the time. the problem for me (not so much for the wife), is my difficulty in following complex or fast dialogue in korean. it takes a lot of effort on my part to follow even simple, casual dialogue so it puts a damper on enjoying any korean TV dramas. it has been easier for me to get into korean films just for the simple fact that the DVDs have english subtitles on them. but now that YA Entertainment is releasing english subtitled DVDs specifically for the US market, i have a chance to catch up on some great kdramas. and it appears that their promo DVD idea is pretty effective. once the wife and i watched a few episodes of Winter Sonata, we had no choice but to get the DVD set in order to continue watching Bae Yong-Jun and Choi Ji-Woo longingly pine for each other over 20 agonizing episodes. after we put the kids to bed, the wife and i attempted to do a marathon viewing session of four episodes in a row late last night. i couldn’t make it through all four episodes but the wife continued on until the wee hours of the morning. obviously these DVDs need to be labeled with a warning for those not strong willed enough to be able to hit the stop button after a reasonable amount of viewing!!


3 Secrets of Winter Sonata