well, i suppose April Snow looked great on paper. but the resulting film starring Bae Yong-Jun and Son Ye-Jin is just a complete mess. i can imagine the initial production meeting for April Snow went something like this:

producer #1: uummm. so how do we capitalize on this Yon-sama phenomenon?
producer #2: love scene. definitely a love scene. ..maybe even two!!
director: but we need some sort of story. writer #1, what have you got.
writer #1: i’m dry as the sahara. i got nothing.
writer #2: hey, i watched a Harrison Ford movie last night about two strangers becoming involved with each other after learning of their spouses’ infidelity.
director: sounds like a story.
producer #1: OK, i’ve got a pen, now which Harrison Ford movie is this?
writer #2: Random Hearts, I believe.
director: that’s a crap title. we’ll fix that. from what i recall, if we change the title of the story, we won’t have to pay for the rights to remake the movie. heh.
producer #1: OK, writer #1, you’re homework is to watch the movie and write down all the important plot points.
producer #2: don’t forget the love scenes. we need Yon-sama without his shirt on.
producer #1: and what about a leading lady?
director: gosh. there’s so many korean actresses to choose from. i don’t know where to start.
writer #2: oh, i loved The Classic. can you guys get the girl from the Classic?
producer #2: is she sexy?
writer #2: ummm, she’s cute…
producer #1: that’s close enough. we’ll start production in the morning.

from watching the movie last night, i’m sure that’s how the movie was planned. the scenes were haphazardly edited together. the dialogue was atrocious. and the whole disjointed movie limped along at a snail’s pace. even though i’m a fan of both Bae Yong-Jun and Son Ye-Jin, their talent alone could not save this project. there’s only so much you can do when you start with a crappy script like this. you can tell the director was hurting for material when he resorts to inserting references to the actors’ previous work such as Son Ye-Jin walking with an umbrella in the pouring rain (an obvious reference to The Classic) and having Bae Yong-Jun profess his love for the winter season (a la Winter Sonata). ugh.

oh and you know the film is a dud when during a pivotal scene at a funeral, a photo of the deceased is revealed for the first time and it’s none other than fellow Winter Sonata actor Ryu Seung Soo. the wife and i laughed so hard at that scene. did the director not realize that inserting another Winter Sonata actor in the film would distract most of the audience from the intended dramatic effect? sad, sad, sad.
april snow
no need seeking out this DVD. especially when the love scenes are all over youtube. but don’t get all hyped up about it though. the scenes are slow, bland and awkward, just like the rest of the movie.