OK, the wife and I tried to watch the 6 DVD set of Save the Last Dance for Me but couldn’t get past the second disc. Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene) is cute and all but we couldn’t bear watching her over-act through every single scene in this snoozer of a k-drama. and all the overused k-drama plot devices are here including: memory loss, lovable father passing away, misunderstandings galore, hospital-foo, fighting in the rain-foo, love triangles, accidents galore, paralysis-foo, love lost and then found, yadda, yadda, yadda.
i can’t really say what happens in the end b/c we never finished the series. oh well. but i did notice that the music was pretty good in this series. and in keeping with the k-drama tradition, the main themes were repeatedly played to death.

download: Give My Love (korean version)
as well as Give My Love (the main title version)