well lookie here! it’s the freebie of the day!!

A one year subscription to Elle Decor Magazine is available for those that are interested in interior decorating and design.

Elle Decor presents top-of-the-line interiors with a younger, more sophisticated, and more whimsical air than most of its competitors. Nestled somewhere between pristine Architectural Digest and the Gen-X Wallpaper, Elle Decor is a colorful, imaginative, and reliable source for interior design ideas and trends. It’s a little bit of fantasy for all tastes, with its visits to gardens, grand estates, city townhouses, tiny apartments, bungalows, and country homes. The magazine also synthesizes fashion and decor by including shots from runways, swatches of garment and decorating fabrics, and matching decor accessories. Correspondents travel the world to report on food, style, and interior design, and every issue includes a handy listing of its findings for globetrotting collectors and foodies. Aware that some of their readers are urban dwellers with limited space, the editors offer a monthly “Solutions” column with ideas from various designers on solving small-space challenges.

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and that’s not all!!

as a bonus freebie - Chicago’s ever popular christmas album can be downloaded over at muchmusic.net