businesses are always looking to be more efficient and to cut costs. especially in times like these where the current economy is in such a fragile state. in order to survive, businesses need to buckle down, run hard and run lean. one aspect of the business that one can easily save money in is converting traditional phone systems to business VoIP systems. this is especially true when you have several branch offices or satellite sites. the conversion to VoIP can save costs in long distance calls, inter-office calls as well as conference calls. the Packet8 Virtual Office plan is a flexible, cost-effective solution for small and medium sized businesses. there’s minimal set up costs and can easily be scalable with no hassle additions to the system as your business grows. Virtual Office is a hardware free installation to your existing broadband connection. once installed, Virtual Office provides advanced PBX functionality with unlimited long distance and global calling plans, automated Outlook integration, advanced call forwarding, voicemail and integrated fax support. in times like these, companies need to adapt and break away from tradition or old habits. if your business is still dealing with traditional phone companies, it’s high time to step out of the past and into the new. head on over to Packet8 for more details.