whenever my wife is about to head off to the hair salon, she seems to always fret over the decision of how drastic a change in style she’d want this time around. i can see how tough a decision it can be when you can’t really visualize what a hair style or color would look on you. well, there’s a great website that can help with just that. makeoversolutions.com allows users to perform a virtual makeover on themselves simply by uploading their own photo onto the website. first you’ll need to sign up for an account. onced registered, upload a photo of yourself and use the interface settings to define where your eyes and lips are positioned. face shape is also defined. once the settings are finalized, you can browse through various celeb photos featuring various hair styles that you can choose from. the hair styles can then be superimposed onto your photo. once you’ve settled on a new hairdo, you can proceed onto the cosmetics section where you can choose lipstick color, eyeshadow, mascara and even teeth whitening. pretty neat stuff. not only is this a great tool for people wanting to try out different styles but it’s also a whole lot of fun. check out their makeover gallery to see the results done by some of the real life users of the site. the resulting makeover photos are pretty realistic. free accounts include 100 different hairstyles, 25 celebrity hairstyles, 48 cosmetic colors and 33 accessories. users who desire more control and more variety can upgrade to a paid account for access to 3,000 hairstyles, 300 celeb hairstyles plus other extra features. in addition to the makeover feature on the site, makeoversolutions.com offers helpful beauty tips, product reviews and the latest in fashion and cosmetics. so head on over to the site now and see what a new hairstyle can do for you.

this post was sponsored by makeoversolutions.com