one of our IT guys was over at my cube today loading some upgrades on my desktop. and while we were waiting for the software to finish processing, we somehow got on the subject of his dating life. OK, before i get flamed on my own blog please note for the record, he essentially brought it up during a lull in the conversation, OK, not me. anyway, he’s been with his current girlfriend for about four months and they met online through a service called : Love Different. he told me it was a site specifically for those into the Goth lifestyle. it took me by surprise since he looks pretty clean cut at work with no signs of dark eyeshadow or eyeliner. but apparently he’s required to look a certain way at work and then outside of work, he tells me that i probably wouldn’t recognize him. anyway, he speaks highly of the online dating site which offers its members free online video chat capabilities, access to their exclusive discussion forums, full access to member profiles and even a “send a wink” function which lets a person know that you’re interested. Darkyria is a feature rich site and is well on its way of become “the” place to be for those into Goth, extreme music and the alternative lifestyle.