just curious. what would YOU do in this situation.

the neighbor across from you sets up lil’ toy traffic cones for his son to maneuver his toy car around in the cul-de-sac (sort of like an obstacle course). that’s all well and good but some of the cones just happen to be positioned in front of your driveway. and you need to head out and do some errands so you open up the garage and start the minivan. as common courtesy, you wait a minute or so to give the neighbor enough time to move the kid and the cones away from your driveway. after a minute or so, you look back and see that the cones are still positioned out on the street with the neighbor and his kid sitting on the edge of their lawn.

do you…?

a) back up your driveway slowly and then maneuver your minivan in a careful manner so that you don’t run over the cones, all the while smiling and waving at your neighbor and his lil’ son.

b) get pissed off at your neighbor for being so inconsiderate, back up without being too concerned about his toy cones and drive away without acknowledging said neighbor.

c) get angry at this neighbor’s ongoing inconsiderate ways and back up in a forceful manner, run over his cones on purpose and pull away at top speed with your middle finger proudly displayed out your driver side window.

d) stop your vehicle at the end of your drive, get out and kick the traffic cones out of the way while shouting expletives at your shitty neighbor right in front of his lil’ brat of a kid.

yeah, yeah, i know what Jesus would do. BUT what would YOU do?

i’m leaning toward option d) myself…