the morning commute took 1 hour and 9 minutes today! argh.
this morning’s traffic jam.  a lovely way to start the day!
the main road access to the interstate was backed up near our neighborhood so i took the “back way” to try and get on the interstate further on down thinking it would save time. wrong. it took me a good thirty minutes just to make it back to the interstate. apparently a broke down 18 wheeler a couple miles down on the interstate caused the traffic jam. lovely.

once we got past the 18 wheeler, the traffic diminished. i must have pushed the engine a bit too much once the traffic cleared b/c my dreaded “check engine” light lit up yet again! i really, really dislike my SUV. harumph.

here’s a pic of my in-dash info screen. as you can see the time elapsed indicator states- 1 hour and 9 minutes. thank you very much. now, what do i win?
I’m an excellent driver!