we’ve been seriously considering inviting our extended family over for thanksgiving. we normally head over to the mother in law’s house or the wife’s sister’s home in D.C. but we figure it’s time for us to host a family get-together this year. but before then, we’ve got a long to-do list to go through in preparation for the large get-together. one thing we definitely need is some presentable serveware to use during thanksgiving dinner. with three little boys in the house, there hasn’t been much need of elegant dinnerware but now that we’re hosting, it’s high time to place an order at Villeroy & Boch. the family-owned company is known the world over for their high quality dinnerware and serveware. the wife and I will probably go with their New Wave designed tableware. the plates, cups and bowls are made of vitrified porcelain which are microwave and dishwasher safe. plus the designs and shapes are unique and fun to look at. i bet the family will not only enjoy a fabulous meal cooked by my wife but will also be impressed by our new Villeroy & Boch tableware. and as our luck would have it, Villeroy & Boch is currently having a 20% off sale on all their serveware. that definitely helps our purchase. if you’re in need of some elegant dinnerware, be sure to browse through the Villeroy & Boch website today.