the legendnow that the wife has been fully infected by yon-sama fever, she’s been itching to watch Bae Yong-Jun’s current K-drama The Legend (The Story of the First King’s Four Gods). the obvious problem is that we can’t view the korean broadcast station MBC here where we live. as luck would have it, a kind k-drama fanatic has been uploading episodes onto if you’re not familiar with veoh, it’s a website modeled after youtube except they allow the uploading of videos that are longer than 10 minutes. so a wide assortment of full length shows can be found on veoh. i’m not sure how much longer we’ll be able to find copyrighted material on the veoh network before lawsuits and cease and desist orders come flying out from hollywood but for now, the place is a goldmine.

in order to view full-length videos from veoh, viewers are required to download their online video application called veohTV. the app is sort of a combination of Joost and Youtube with the ability to watch or download videos from just about any website. you have the option of streaming the video or saving it onto your harddrive as a .FLV file. the wife and i encountered some problems while streaming one of the hour-long episodes of “The Legend” so we resorted to downloading the .FLV files before viewing them. the interface on veohTV is a bit confusing but for our purposes of viewing this popular k-drama, it works great. i highly recommend going through the settings menu to limit the resources and hard drive space the application can use. also be aware that veohTV is geared toward peer to peer file sharing, so unless you “lock down” the video files on your computer, other veohTV users will be accessing your files. it would be great to be able to monitor which files are being accessed but the application doesn’t seem to have a visual gauge for this. or at least i haven’t come across that feature in the menus.

as for the k-drama “The Legend”, you’ll have to ask the wife. I’ve watched bits and pieces and i can tell you the special effects are pretty cool but a bit “cartoon-ish”. overall, the production quality is above and beyond anything else in the k-drama genre. i might have to wait until it comes out on DVD since the online videos aren’t subtitled.