chumppshere’s the breakdown of what happened at lunch today.

location: Champps Americana
occasion: department lunch (23 people)

11:30AM - our group had a table reserved in a private section of the restaurant. the sectioned off part of Champps smelled like a swimming pool (chlorine?) for some odd reason and there were an unusual amount of flies buzzing about.
11:35AM - we asked to be seated elsewhere so we moved to one end of an open section of the restaurant. no chlorine smell. and no flies.
11:45AM - soft drink orders were placed.
11:55PM - drinks were distributed in a disorderly fashion. noticed the wait staff not being too pleasant.
12:05PM - placed our order. we all ordered pretty straight forward stuff. nothing out of the ordinary. i ordered the bleu cheese burger and onion rings. note how long it took for them to take our order from the time we initially sat down!
12:10PM - we continued to have pleasant conversation. we always seem to have a good time together. especially when lunch is provided for.
12:40PM - some soups and salads started trickling in. folks were looking at their watches wondering what the hold up was.
12:45PM - the waiter came back and promised that our food was coming shortly.
12:55PM - still no food. i was definitely concerned about the delay. what were they all doing back in the kitchen?
1:00PM - 1:15PM - entries started trickling in. toward the end there, just a handful of us were still without food. i started getting pissed off. we’ve been there at the restaurant since 11:30 dammit. the waiter kept on promising my burger but it seemed that he just plain neglected to properly submit some of our orders in. idiot. either that or he gave my order to some other table. in any case, i was hungry and pissed. not a good combination.
1:16PM - we asked the manager for an explanation. she gave some lame excuse about the restaurant not being prepared for a large crowd on a wednesday but that absolutely doesn’t make any sense especially when we had placed a reservation way in advance. so they knew our group was coming. plus, the restaurant really didn’t seem all that busy while i was there waiting for my food to show up.
1:20PM - with no sign of my burger, i told the waiter to just cancel the order. really. it’s just a damn bleu cheese burger. wtf! how hard can that be? the waiter didn’t seem to give a shit one way or the other. i was ready to punch his lights out. a colleague mentioned afterward that this was the first time she has ever seen me so pissed off.
1:22PM - the manager offered free desserts which the majority of the group took advantage of. me? i was too pissed off to order any dessert. i was ready to leave.
1:40PM - as we left, we all made sure to blame the colleague that made the effort to organize the group lunch and for choosing a place with such crappy service.

never again will i personally set foot in Champps ever again. the wait staff and management were totally incompetent. and i can’t even begin to imagine what was going on there back in the kitchen. Champps? more like Chumpps.