i love the premise of Kim Ki-Duk’s movie Time. Obsession and jealousy drive a woman named Seh-Hee to completely change her appearance in order to win the love of her man, Ji-Woo. Kim Ki-Duk, known for his minimalist style (including little to no dialogue in some cases), boldly changes things up by actually having a lot of dialogue (relatively speaking) in this new movie. Time is of course Kim’s jab at korea’s obsession with plastic surgery. the exploration of this twisted relationship is fascinating to watch. interesting questions are raise like: would your friends and your loved ones perceive you as a different person if your appearances changed? and would the change in your appearance also alter the way you behave? as with all of Kim’s work, there are a lot of great visuals including a scene where the female lead wears a photo of her former face as a mask while confronting her ex-boyfriend. Kim utilizes the wearing of the mask to great effect, making the scene deliciously creepy. i loved it. unfortunately, Kim had some difficulty ending the movie. it sort of felt like he ran out of ideas. and he also tries to bring it full circle (one of his signatures) at the end but it felt a bit forced. plus the full-circle gimmick, taken literally, wouldn’t make a lick of sense. but on the whole, i liked the movie a lot. definitely not Kim Ki-Duk’s best, but still worth seeking out.