what was Michael Bay thinking? doesn’t he know there are millions of little kids out there that are huge fans of the Transformers cartoon series? and who does he think owns all those Transformer toys and action figures? yes i can see they were essentially zeroing in on the summer movie demographic to maximize their profits but still, he could have easily toned down the expletives and sexual references to accommodate a younger audience. i rented Transformers this past weekend hoping that it’d be alright to show my kids but i quickly realized mid-way thru that it simply wasn’t. robot violence i can handle. but come on, was the masterbation talk from Mrs. Witwicky really necessary? it was obviously for a cheap laugh but the movie didn’t really benefit from it. same goes for the needless references to Sam Witwicky’s porn collection, the comment “Bros before Hos”, and a shot of one of the robots “peeing” on a guy. geez. and don’t get me started on all the profanity in the film. and believe me, there were plenty. if it weren’t for all the offensive material, i’d definitely recommend the movie. the special effects/action sequences were very well done and the autobots and decepticons looked great. too bad Michael Bay was more concerned about raking in as much cash as possible instead of making the film kid friendly.