back in junior high when i was struggling to find my own identity and feeling out which clique i fit into, i remember saying to myself that when i had a son of my own one day, i’d make sure to raise him to be a sports jock and not some booksmart nerd. well, nowadays with the rise of the internet and the world of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, being identified as a nerd or geek ain’t so bad anymore. most people understand now that good looks and being a varsity jock won’t take you too far in the real world. in our fast paced, hi-tech world, you need innovative ideas, a strong business-sense and a clear, sharp mind to make an impact. so encouraging your child to develop their interest in science and math is pretty much the “in” thing to do nowadays. as parents, we need to supplement beyond what is taught in school. our children’s minds are hungry for more and more stimulation and if we don’t take the opportunity to keep them stimulated, we may end up limiting their potential down the line. i’ve recently ordered science kits at CoolStuffExpress. it’s a great source for neat and unusual educational products. there’s also a cool LaserStars Holographic Projector that i think my boys would just love to have in their room. it projects a moving universe of stars all across the ceiling and walls of a room. the nightly view of the stars will challenge their imaginations and open up their perspective on the world around them.