so how did you make out on black friday? did you head out to the stores at 5am with the rest of those bleary eyed bargain hunters? I battled with the crowds at walmart years ago and vowed never to do that ever again. and this year, i kept my word - i was NOT at walmart at 5am. but i did end up at BJ’s when they opened at 7am friday morning to get a proform elliptical trainer for cheap. they only had two in stock and i grabbed one while another customer behind me got the last one. whew. i really thought i was going to strike out on getting one but luckily i was there just in time. the majority of the customers that morning seemed to be getting the large LCD TVs on sale. they hogged all the flat bed carts. i only managed to get a regular grocery style cart. that elliptical trainer box was extremely heavy and i didn’t know how to get that thing onto the cart. thankfully there was a sympathetic customer near me and offered to help load the heavy box unto the shopping cart. i was so glad he offered to help. i would have broken my back or maybe even gotten crushed by the box had i tried to load it by myself.
since i felt that luck was on my side that morning, i went across the street to try grabbing one of those Sansa Clip 2GB Mp3 players Best Buy advertised for 35 bucks. getting in the store was no problem at 7:30am. and i even got a hold of the mp3 player. surprisingly, there were still a few left lying around. but the line for the cash registers wrapped around the interior of the store!! i got in line and it took me a good 40 minutes just to pay for the lil’ mp3 player. it’s a great deal though. the mp3 player normally sells for 60 bucks.
to my chagrin, later on in the day, i found out that anyone could just purchase the same mp3 player online at their website at the “doorbuster price” (on friday and saturday). whatever. at least i got the two items i planned on getting on black friday. how was your black friday?