warning. geek-speak ahead. ..i thought i was doing the smart thing by getting a refurbished portable hard drive off of ebay for cheap a couple weeks ago. but it turned out to be a bit of a hassle once i got the thing. apparently i should have looked through the detailed manual that’s available online before i started bidding for this thing on ebay. i didn’t realize that my 4-pin firewire connector on my laptop doesn’t provide power to any connected devices like a 6-pin connector does. well even before i got to that problem, i unfortunately didn’t know the difference in connector sizes so the connector cable that came with the hard drive didn’t fit the firewire connector on my laptop. i had to then search for a cheap a 4-pin to 6-pin firewire cable out on newegg. then i had to wait a week or so for the cable to get here. once i got the cable i thought my troubles were over but when i connected the hard drive, i soon realized that the firewire connection didn’t power up the external hard drive. so, in order to get the hard drive to work, i learned that I needed to purchase a AC adapter!! oh, good lord! i eventually found one at walmart. it’s the one that gives you the option to chose the specific voltage settings since the hard drive needed the 12V, 1A setting. so after it was all said and done, taking into account the additional cost of the AC adapter and cable, i probably could have save me the time and trouble by just simply purchasing a brand new external firewire hard drive in the first place. i seem to just love doing things the hard way!