Just wanted to let my readers know about a great promotional giveaway that’s currently taking place over at overstock.com. it’s called the All I want for Christmas Giveaway and it’s running for the next five days. yeah, i know, promotional giveaways and contests are nothing new in the online world but I thought overstock added a nice twist to their giveaway. instead of winning a predetermined prize, overstock is going to let YOU CHOOSE whatever you want from their site! well, they do limit you to $1000 but still, that’s a great concept. all you have to do is register at their special holiday giveaway website and then browse around and choose any item from their site. another cool twist to the contest is that you can register up to five of your friends for the same item. and if you end up winning the drawing, your friends will also win too. you can enter every day during the five day run of the contest and i recommend registering a different gift each of those days because at the end there will be a chance to win all five of the gifts that you registered during those five days. i’m definitely registering for a Nintendo DS for myself … *i mean*, for the kids. i didn’t see a Nintendo Wii available on their site but that’s no surprise since the Wiis are still pretty hard to find during this christmas season. Overstock has always been one of those “go to” websites whenever i do my online shopping. and they sure do come in handy especially now during the holidays.