the wife and i tried out a local indian restaurant for lunch today. it was surprisingly good. i wasn’t expecting much since the place is located in a relatively rundown strip mall near where i work and the windowless dining area was a bit too dark for my liking. but the lunch buffet of spicy indian food was the best i’ve eaten in a long time. but the thing i’ve notice about myself more and more is that I seem to sweat uncontrollably when i eat spicy food. I love eating spicy food and i never had any problems in the past but nowadays i get all sweaty eating the stuff. is this just another symptom of old age or is this something else altogether? it doesn’t matter so much when i’m eating at home but i get a bit self conscious when i’m eating something spicy out at a restaurant. hhmmmm, so maybe it was a good thing that the dining area at the indian restaurant was so dimly lit!! :P