OK, here’s my secret santa update. We all exchanged “gag” gifts today. Well, not exactly exchanged, i guess. more like a covert operation. We all still don’t know who are respective secret santas are. I gave my little gift to my unsuspecting victim early yesterday morning just to throw him off. I received mine this afternoon. It wasn’t what I was expecting, really. This wasn’t a “gag” gift at all. It’s actually pretty thoughtful.
secret santa gave me this today
It’s a teddy bear that links up to an mp3 player. The bear has a speaker inside and the lights blink in sync with the music. I also got a packet of “musical” post it notes. So apparently my secret santa knows how much I love music. I’m not really sure who it is just yet but I have a couple suspects. Anyway, I brought the bear home with me and the kids just love it. I hooked up my player and blasted Tenacious D’s Master Exploder thru it. Don’t worry, it was the clean version of the song! and the kids could not stop laughing. Well, I guess I’ll let them have the bear to play with. and yes, I’ll be sure to play kid-friendly music thru the lil’ bear next time. :P