I had an eye opening conversation with a colleague of mine during lunch today. He opened up and talked a bit about what’s been on his mind lately. Apparently he has been worrying about the fact that his daughter will being heading for college next fall. “What’s to worry about? You should be excited and proud about that achievement,” I told him, not fully understanding his concern. He explained further that he was stressing out about how he’s going to pay for it all. His daughter is interested in the dramatic arts and the university she wants to attend will cost approximately $30,000 a year. OK, NOW I understand why he’s been down lately, I thought to myself. The rest of our lunch hour was all about the cost of college, the different options available including financial aid and how drastic the rise in tuition is nowadays compared to what it was back when we were both in school. I still have quite a few more years before my oldest gets to go but that doesn’t mean I’m not worried. I’m trying hard to contribute regularly to my children’s college fund but it’s tough especially with rising fuel costs eating away at what’s left of my paycheck. One thing that can definitely help with paying for college is of course scholarships. The tough part about scholarships is being able to find the right ones to apply for. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, searching for the right scholarship is as easy as a click of a mouse. Just simply head on over to scholarships.com, a website dedicated to helping students obtain scholarships and financial aid for college. You are required to register on the site before you can perform the free college scholarship search but most of that information like schools, classes and grades are needed anyway in order to filter down the list of scholarships to the ones that are right for your student. So be sure to fill out the profile as accurately and detailed as possible. When you get your search results, the scholarships are listed out with their application deadlines and the amount awarded. For the ones that you’re interested in, you simply click on the link and the detailed information along with requirements are then listed out for you. The website is definitely a great resource for students, parents and educators alike. As a matter of fact, the Scholarships.com’s educator’s section makes it quick and easy for high schools to print out information and reference guides to make available at their respective student resource centers. Now with the ever rising cost of college, finding and applying for scholarships and financial aid is a must!