our christmas potluck at the office was a whole lotta fun today. we usually treat ourselves with a christmas lunch at a nice restaurant but due to budget constraints we decided to *keep it real* this year. and the whole potluck/secret santa deal actually turned out to be a lot more fun than our usual christmas routine. so kudos to our own Ms. Luwanda for organizing the whole thing. and especially for having to deal with all the bah-humbugs from the office grumps (which unfortunately included myself to some degree. sorry. Luwa!). My secret santa turned out to be someone i didn’t expect. well, I suspected just about EVERYONE in the group, but she wasn’t anywhere near the top of the list. all in all, I think i made out pretty nicely with the teddy bear speaker, musical post it notes, a crock pot cookbook and a gift card to Best Buy. Thanks Cathy!

just for laughs, I thought I’d share some of the notable gag gifts that were exchanged this past week:
-a pooping santa (a little santa that pooped out candy).
-a fart machine (with six selectable types of fart sounds including the unanimous favorite, WET).
-a stressed out rubber chicken (sort of similar to a stress ball, when you squeeze the chicken a gel like egg comes out of the bottom of the chicken)
-an NC State pacifier (for a true blue UNC tarheels fan)
-a bottle of honey labeled as a “bear repellant” (for an avid mountain biker).
-a little electronic number guessing game that shocks you when you guess wrong.
-two coupons for free burritos from Moe’s “sent by” Britney Spears (for a middle-aged colleague that has a strange fixation with Brit).

good times. good times.