as we welcome in the new year, we as a family are bound and determined to do a real family vacation. not some weekend trip over to the inlaws or some other relatives a few hundred miles away. i’m talking - flying to a destination, staying at a nice hotel, having lots of fun with tons of family friendly activities and arriving back home exhausted but more importantly, happy and satisfied. it has been years since we took a proper vacation. mainly due to my busy work schedule as well as poor planning on my part. but this coming year will be different. we are going to plan this thing out. and with the Hotel Reservations website, we are one step closer in getting set up for our vacation. the website provides an ultra easy way of finding hotels in all the popular vacation destinations all across the globe. the site has access to more than 70,000 properties worldwide including all inclusive resorts, condos and even bed & breakfasts. you can easily book your reservations online with the convenience of also booking airline tickets and rental cars at the same time. you may even receive a bigger discount in doing so. even if you don’t take the opportunity in combining air, hotel and car rental reservations, guarantees that you’ll be receiving the best rates. we may look into making a trip down to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. oh man, we spent a week down there for our honeymoon and it was a dream. it was more than perfect. the white sand beaches, the crystal clear waters, the scenic island views and the tasty local dishes. a ferry trip over the St. John would also be necessary. the scenic tour around the island is definitely a must. we had a blast the last time. our kids would just love it. OK, that’s it, we’re booking our trip now!