For today’s Song of the Day, I thought I’d share one of the highlights off of Israel Houghton’s latest release A Deeper Level. The track is called If Not For Your Grace. The album as a whole is a bit disappointing. I tend to expect a lot more from Israel and New Breed. The material is simply subpar when compared to their past efforts. It just seems like Houghton is just going through the motions this time. a lot of recycled themes and by-the-numbers chord progressions. well, except for If Not For Your Grace. This song is just phenomenal. You can tell from the live recording that the song just takes the band, the vocalists and the congregation to a whole another level. If you’re gonna buy the CD, you’ll be buying it JUST for this one song.

Where would I be if not for your grace
Carrying me through every season
Where would I be if not for Your grace
Came to rescue me and I want to thank You for Your grace

Grace that restores, grace that redeems
Grace that releases me to worship
Grace that repairs visions and dreams
Grace that releases miracles!

Listen to If Not For Your Grace