When I think of Hillsong Music, terms like - cookie-cutter and predictable come to mind. It’s a bit sad but true, fans pretty much know what to expect when picking up the latest Hillsong CD. Their albums don’t really sound all that much different from each other. In fact, you can probably toss the tracks from their last five releases up in the air and randomly re-assemble them and no one listening would be the wiser. But I have to say, it’s sort of tough picking on artists in the praise and worship genre. the artists/songwriters are producing music specifically for the church. so essentially they’re restricted in a sense to keep the song structures simple and the melodies easy to sing along to. it’s pretty much a catch-22. So, I’m not going to bash on Hillsong too much. Their latest CD, Saviour King is more of the same. let’s get the Hillsong standard checklist out: upbeat electric guitar based rockers, check. broad, arena-sized ballads, check. redundant Hillsong United remakes, check. and lots of bland, non-descript mid-tempo fillers, check. yup, that’s a Hillsong CD for ya. The only thing I look forward to these days in terms of Hillsong releases are the tracks originating from Hillsong United and songs by Brooke Fraser. their songs - Break Free, Lord of Lords, Hosanna and Saviour King are the highlights of the CD. Other than those tracks (along with I’m Not Ashamed and You Are Faithful), it’s pretty much bland-orama. But what can ya do? With the millions of dollars pouring into the Hillsong Church through their music ministry every year, it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll be changing their ways anytime soon…

Track Listing
1. I’m Not Ashamed
2. Break Free
3. In Your Freedom
4. You Are My Strength
5. Lord of Lords
6. One Thing
7. To Know Your Name
8. God of Ages
9. In the Mystery
10. You Saw Me
11. Hosanna
12. Here in My Life
13. You Are Faithful
14. Saviour King

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