You know, I never really noticed this warning statement on the cover of the “Real Yellow Pages” phonebook until it was pointed out in this month’s issue of Consumer Reports.

it reads- Caution: Please do not use this directory while operating a moving vehicle.
phonebook warning
Is this statement really necessary? I mean come on. Does AT&T really assume that their phonebook users have absolutely NO common sense? But why stop there, AT&T? why stop at moving vehicles? how about heavy machinery? can I use the phonebook while operating heavy machinery? am I allowed to use the phonebook while cooking over a hot stove? I’m confused, AT&T? Can I operate the remote to the TV while browsing through the yellow pages? Would AT&T allow that at least? How about sex? I’m pretty sure they don’t believe it would be prudent for me to use the directory while having sex, right? and if that’s the case, why isn’t THAT statement also included on the cover of the “Real Yellow Pages”???
yeah, I think AT&T needs to make it even more clear for us people with no common sense and add this following statement to their phonebook:
Caution: We also don’t recommend browsing through our yellow pages while having sex. It may be hazardous to your relationship.

give me a break!!. Thanks AT&T for making a phonebook for dummies.