Since all the networks, magazines, NPR and even other blogs do this sort of thing every January, I thought I’d give it a whirl. So here’s a list of my favorite blog posts from the past year. (in no particular order…)

- I’m Not Tired!: a video clip on my youngest trying his darnedest not to fall asleep.

- a little pick me up: the same little guy singing you are my sunshine.

- I’m the bestest Dad, ever! Not.

- Chicken Curry: Our quick and easy korean style chicken curry recipe.

- Thomas and Friends Live: I continually get quite a lot of search engine visitors wanting to know about this live show. It’s a big thumbs down from two out of my three boys.

- the time is NOW. grow up already! sheesh.

- April Snow: I couldn’t get Michael and Nabbi to stop commenting on this one. just get a room you two and be done with it, alright?

- a list of some of my all time favorite korean movies (with youtube clips!)

- my ever popular (via search engines) VEOHTV mini-review.

- and finally, my pissed off post about how I’m never going to eat at Champps ever again.

…and there you have it. The best of 2007.

..let’s hope I find new and more interesting things to post about in 2008!!! :P