like a lot of folks, I’m addicted to coffee. I’m not totally sure if it’s out of habit or some sort of physical dependence but it just doesn’t feel right without beginning the day with a hot cup of coffee in my hands. now I’m no where near a coffee connoisseur and I simply get my morning brew using my trusty lil’ 4-cup coffeemaker. I’ve tried out various brands over the past year and I thought I’d share my thoughts on some of them. the following are the pre-ground kind that you can get at your local supermarket (well, except for the “Fresh Market Kona Blend” which is available only at “Fresh Market”).
coffee roundup
Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend - My current favorite. and now that it’s available at my local Super-Target, it’s more convenient to get than it used to be. More flavorful and smooth than the other brands in this round-up.

StarBucks House Blend - good flavor and my old standby. just not as good as the Dunkin’ Donuts brand.

Eight O’Clock Colombian - adequate. not that bad. I rank this high because it’s cheaper than the others in this group. if the price of coffee continue to rise, I might end up going back to this brand.

Fresh Market Kona Blend - surprisingly bland. I was expecting something more robust and flavorful. ain’t worth the premium price.

Millstone Hazelnut Blend - ugh. I totally disliked this one. tasted like old socks. avoid this one at all cost.

yes, I know purchasing whole beans and then grinding them right before brewing is best but I’m lazy and I tend to go down the path of least resistance!! .. so anyway, what’s your favorite?