snowflake DLeeOK, the kids are getting excited again. the local meteorologists are calling for some snow on saturday. Hopefully they’ll be right this time. Folks up north just don’t seem to understand us all down south that are so snow-deprived. We get *so excited* just seeing a glimpse of the white stuff. any sign of snow turns out to be a big event around these parts!!

WRAL - 2-4 Inches of Snow Possible Saturday
Raleigh — After a rainy morning, the Triangle could see 2 to 4 inches of snow Saturday afternoon, according to Meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner.
The snow is expected to begin around noon in the Triangle and last until about 8 p.m., according to WRAL’s WeatherScope computer model. Heavier snow amounts are likely to occur north and east of the Triangle, WRAL meteorologists said. “This looks like it’s really developing into something that could be a major issue for us tomorrow,” she said. “If we get that measurable snow, it’s going to stick around.” Saturday’s weather will begin with rain around daybreak that will later turn into snow, from west to east, as colder air filters into the region.
“I wouldn’t be surprised, if you’re an early riser, if you don’t see anything happening,” Gardner said. “We could have some interesting conditions, and kids could end up having a ball.”