I’ve had my trusty ol’Shure E3c Sound Isolating Earphones for a couple years now. I’m on my second pair. the first pair got ruined after heavy use during my days in the worship band. Now, I mainly use these in-ears for listening to my portable music player. these Shure earphones sound fantastic. The only thing I don’t like about them are the yellow foam inserts that I’ve been using with the E3c phones. they get worn out and look a bit unappealing especially since they’re yellow which may appear to some as earwax buildup unfortunately. I recently ordered some Shure Triple Flange replacement inserts to see if these would work better with my E3c earphones. they look a bit funky but at least they can’t be mistaken for yellow earwax. after testing them out the other day, I had some difficulty getting them to fit properly in my ears. you see, these Shure in-ears work best when they fit tightly inside the ear canal. if they don’t seal properly, the sound is very tinny with absolutely no bass. but once they are in the ear good and snug, the sound is probably the best you can buy (within the $100-200 range). after researching these Triple Flange sleeves, I found out that you can cut the flange at the tip with some scissors to get them to fit better. and after doing just that, the new sleeves work perfectly. So I guess these Triple Flange replacement sleeves aren’t exactly one size fits all. thankfully there was someone out there that shared that little tidbit about cutting the last flange or I suppose these inserts would have ended up in the trash.